Tintilla and Ribs: Superb Summer Pairing #winePW

Ribs are a staple of any BBQ, and as a wino and BBQ fans, we are always looking for great pairings that bring the experience to a new level. Tintilla and ribs? From Cadiz, Spain’s Sherry Region comes this great wine that looks and smells like a Rioja, but in the palate behaves like a Beaujolais wine. We bought it out of curiosity, but now we will look for it.

You may ask what is Tintilla?

Tintilla (also known as Tintilla de Rota); is genetically identical to the Graciano grape. However, in the Sherry Region, the grape vines are low-yield producers due to the arid climate of the Andalucía region. Like in California, rain only falls during the wintertime. Summers are sunny and extremely hot. The Albariza soil, found in the area, soaks up the rain and store it to provide the vines with water when needed the most during summertime. The Albariza soil is a mix of chalk, clay, and sand with similar characteristics to the soils found in Champagne and southern England.

Thanks to the Albariza soil the Tintilla wines are high in acidity and mineral content, which makes it perfect to pair with fatty and rich dishes like BBQ.

Finding a still Tintilla wine is not the norm. Traditionally, Tintilla is used in the elaboration of Mistela, a Spanish fortified wine, made from grape must and alcohol, and usually sweet. The production of 100% Tintilla still dry wines is rare; though its recent market addition is gaining notoriety. If you come across a Tintilla wine, make sure to give it a try.

About the wine

2013 Vara Y Pulgar Tintilla is produced with 100% organically farmed grapes planted in 1993 in Albariza soil. The wine was aged in a mixture of concrete vats and large oak barrels for 12 months, after which it spent eight more months in French oak barriques.

Compared to other Spanish Gracianos, this is not a bold wine; in fact, it is deceiving. As I said earlier, it looks and smells like a Rioja, but in the palate behaves like a Beaujolais wine. This wine offers intense well-integrated earthy aromas of mushrooms and wet slate while providing intense notes of ripened blackberries and hints of baking spices. On the palate, it has bright acidity and minerality with an explosion of dark fruit, smooth tannins and a bit of tart cranberry finish. A great value wine for $25.00.

Baby Back Ribs

About the pairing

We paired the slightly chilled Tintilla with slow-cooked ribs and yellow cauliflower. The bright acidity of the wine paired well with the molasses-rich BBQ sauce. We were pleasantly surprised with the newly superb summer pairing.

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