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Julie and Edgar wine country
At Anaba Wines, Sonoma. Pet-Friendly Winery

Traveling to California Wine Country

Are you planning a trip to California wine country? After five years living in Napa Valley and seven years writing about wine; Julie and I visited many wineries, met vintners and winemakers, and tasted so many wonderful wines. Therefore, we are confident about helping you navigate through California wine country and make the most of your wine adventure.

We both are Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW), Julie is also a California Wine Appellation Specialist (CWAS), and have extensive knowledge about Napa and Sonoma wine regions.  We are well-acquainted with other non-mainstream wine regions in California with exceptional wines and relevant wine country experiences to offer; like Lodi, Paso Robles, Livermore, Santa Lucia Highlands, Santa Barbara, Santa Maria Valley, Mendocino and Carmel Valley.

Allow us to help you plan the winery itinerary for your next visit to California wine country. Share with us which wines you like and what kind of activities you want to enjoy. We can recommend restaurants that match your personal preferences. If you do not want to drive while visiting wine country, we can recommend several reputable transportation services depending on your need.

We will take care of making winery reservations catered to your personal preferences. Also, we can help you out to choose the best place to stay while visiting wine country. It is a pleasure to offer our knowledge, excellent wine network, and personal touch to make your next wine country experience memorable.

Wine Consulting

As wine consultants, we can recommend you which wines to buy depending on your personal preferences. We extend you our expertise to help you navigate the full world of wine; from the diversity of California wines to the terroir-driven wines of the old world. If you are a restaurant in the San Francisco Bay area interested in putting together a conscious wine list that complements your cuisine we are here to achieve that.

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